Owl and Zebra Press (novels)

Use the drop-down menu above or the list below to check out all Owl and Zebra Press novels.

Benevolent, Devon Trevarrow Flaherty

The Night of One Hundred Thieves, Devon Trevarrow Flaherty

The Journey of Clement Fancywater, Devon Trevarrow Flaherty

The Family Elephant’s Jewels, Devon Trevarrow Flaherty


2 thoughts on “Owl and Zebra Press (novels)

  1. Hello!
    I am currently in search of the elusive love story about the owl and a zebra.
    Why did you choose “Owl & Zebra” as a printing press name? Do you know anything about the owl and zebra love story? If yes, please do reply and tell me the story.

    • Sorry, but I do not know the story you are searching for. We chose that name because the company was founded by me and my aunt. I have always related her to an owl, partly because of her wisdom, her glasses, and her love of the outdoors and fall colors. When I was a girl, my grandmother gave me a birthday card I identified strongly with, in which I was a multi-colored zebra. Therefore, Owl and Zebra.

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